Sunday, December 24, 2006

DicksnJanes #81: A Scarborough Christmas

The Scarborough Dude shares a few thoughts on Christmas. Have a very Merry one eh!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Family Guy
The Boom Boom Bap - Scritti Politti - -Best of 2006
Blue Christmas - Porky Pig
What Child Is This - The Revellers - Let Christmas Come In
Peter's Christmas Album - Peter Griffin - Family Guy


Bruce said...

Hey Dude,

A new MacBook, New Van and trips to Staples...sounds like an early Christmas to me. My son turned Teen-age 10 days ago AND got a PSP for his birthday...we haven't seen the whites of his eyes since.

I think we all present a persona but not just on the podcast, a different one at work, another with friends, still another with family. But that doesn't make any one of them any less "real", any less you.

Glad to know you SD. Hope you get to relax over the Holidays,

- Bruce (The Zedcast)

Anonymous said...

Hey SD,

I worked from home for a while and my 4 hour daily TTC commute disappeared and with it all of my time to listen to podcasts. Now I'm gearing up to start working in town and just re-subscribed. Anyway - good to be "back" - I've missed having this show as part of my routine.

Anyway - just to clear up a little something. While we don't celebrate Christmas we do celebrate. We don't do the consumerist thing so Santa's out, and aren't Christian so Jesus is out. But we love winter so Solstice it is. We exchange homemade gifts, eat a big meal with family, make paper lanterns, hang up lights, and go to the Festival of Lights.

So we all have similar feelings about the season - but just have different icons.

Have a great new year!