Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dicks & Janes Podcast #35 - The Road to Suburbia

The Scarborough Dude gets all riled up over his mispent youth, and discovers it wasn't really wasted at all. Then he cleans his garage. Some little prick comes along to help.

On The Road Part 2 Chapt 2 - Matt Dillon - On The Road (Jack Kerouac)
Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith - Crossroads 2 (Eric Clapton)
Shop Vac - Jonathan Coulton - Thing a Week
State Trooper - Bruce Springsteen - Sopranos Soundtrack
Readings From "On The Road" And "Visions Of Cody"- Jack Kerouac - Poetry For The Beat Generation

Special thanks to Jonathan Coulton for permission to use Shop Vac which fit in so beautifully. Check out his music at:
  • Jonathan Coulton

    robb said...

    Hi dude

    Good show! So strange how the mention of "dustbane" can set off a string of memories; my father was also a user of that product, and I spent many a day working a broom in our garage in hopes of gaining some pocket money.
    I also enjoyed your views on the validity of living in the "now" instead of obsessively hiding acorns in the ground in hopes of a comfortable final chapter in life.

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Well put robb! My nephew-in-law's comments put me on the defensive, but wehen I thought back - aha! No regrets! Okay, maybe a few, but overall glad to be a deviant - just like yourself!

    robb said...

    First dustbane, then deviance...!

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Holy shit robb - right on, once again! The Scarborough Dude didn't even know what those terms meant, and if asked, probably would have thought he was a 'Positivist'- but know, reading the link, and it seems he's a Constructionist. "Norms do not fall from the skies;"

    Hey, to anyone following this dialogue, click on the Constructionist Approaches to Deviance from the link robb provided - and get back to us eh...

    Anonymous said...

    hey, buddy, where's my credit???

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Sheesh! It would be so much easier to give you credit if you didn't insist on being 'anonymous' all the time! Anyway, folks, I'd hereby like to give credit to 'anonymous' for - hey, hang on, if I let everyone know what you contributed, you won't be anonymous any more!

    Anonymous said...

    I remember my days of sleep-away camp. Dustbane was part of the daily bunk clean-up routine. I can smell it now. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Good show (okay so I'm a little behind the times). I just came across the Naropa Audio Archives and remembered your talking about (and playing a bit of Kerouac. Anyway - the archive seems to have a ton of freely available (and podsafe as best I can tell) material by many of the avant-garde of Kerouac's time. Hope you enjoy it.

    Anonymous said...

    hey there!

    With some Internet sleuthing, I noticed you played JoCo here on the blog.

    I'm with a band called Beatnik Turtle and they're a lot like Jonathan Coulton music-wise. They're doing a "Thing A Day" like him called "TheSongOfTheDay" which they started back in January. They have kinda off-the-wall, catchy songs like "Star Wars", "I'm Sorry The Warp Gate Sucked Away Our Son", "What We Need Is Some Interns In Here".

    Anyway, every song is all podsafe and I was thinking with over 200+ songs, if you're looking for some fun music for a future podcast, to give us a shout - either by writing me or writing the us at