Friday, September 26, 2014

DicksnJanes #473f: insecuritable

The Scarborough Dude shares memories of Expo 67 from Route 66, and gets the hell outta Dodge!


Jim Gavin said...

I am bummed that your podcast will soon end. It has been a pleasure listening to your inner musing over the past 400+ episodes. You really have a way with words. Personally I believe that you should be leading Beat tours as you do with your annual Japan tour. I know you have a desire to share,teachers are like that. I would pay to take that 'trip' through Beat history.
btw You drove through the 4corners area,did you make a stop @ the Goosenecks of the San Juan. It is a remarkable place,that is overshadowed by the Grand Canyon but has a special regard to the Navajo.

Scarborough Dude said...

A comment! How I love comments! Thanks Jim. One of my never to be realized dreams is to offer up a Beat course at the college, with the challenge that my students English will improve as much as those who take the standard courses using those generic out of date American published text books. Way too much bureaucracy and narrow vision involved, so not even worth trying.

I have a great book in my library: The Beat Generation in New York: A Walking Tour of Jack Kerouac's City. When the president of my former Japanese company was visiting NYC I got his driver to take us around to several of the addresses, including the apt. bldg where a young Ginsberg showed up to meet Kerouac and Burroughs.

No, missed the Goosenecks, but loved that area. Next time, if there is one... Thanks again for commenting.