Monday, October 30, 2017

DicksnJanes #653: bigbulbousthings

The Scarborough Dude talks about technology, religion and art. Not really, but he uses those words.

Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles - Let's Dance: 100 Original 1960s Hits
Dance With Mr. Domino - Fats Domino - Let's Dance: 100 Original 1960s Hits
Let Me In - The Sensations - Let's Dance: 100 Original 1960s Hits

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DicksnJanes #652: bars&friendships

A very happy Dude talking with David Amran in Lowell
The Scarborough Dude is back home, enjoying bars and friendships. As usual.

Hesitation Blues - Dave Van Ronk - Mojo Presents Dylan's Scene
State of the Nation - Kenneth Patchen - Mojo Presents Dylan's Scene
But I Was Cool - Oscar Brown Jr. - The Beat Generation, Vol 3

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DicksnJanes #651: LCK! 2017 - Part 3

My 'hotel' & The Old Worther, est. 1834
The Scarborough Dude squeezes more joy from Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, grateful for all the blessings he experienced.

Shownotes #651
0:00-0:30: intro: Kerouac, Dylan
0:30-14:00: Original Prankster George Walker & Brian Hassett, George talking of driving with Neal in Kesey’s Further to NYC, his earlier meeting & friendship with Neal Cassady, Brian reads Ginsberg’s version of party for Jack Kerouac while George gives first hand details, Gabs observations, last meeting of Neal & Jack, Kesey’s thoughts on Kerouac.
14:00-25:15: SD recalls previous night, thanks & praises Nancy Fox for taking him to grotto and gravesite, quotes her “We grow individually, not collectively”, (George Walker not Walsh), raves about LCK! wishing Adam & Sylvain could come, (Jamie Cassidy not Jan), happy to have met Hooter, Mike, Gubba, Sky and others, happy to have found a roach at Kerouac’s gravesite, truly holy blessed weekend for real, gifted Kerouac patch #28 of 30 from Dale, we are forming tribes, Brian Hassett presentations
25:15-28:40: Dan Bacon recites his original poems
28:40-35:30: Part of the conversation between Neal’s daughter Jamie Cassidy & Steve Edington, part of the LCK! team and author of ‘The Beat Face of God: The Beat Generation Writers as Spirit Guides’
35:30-42:00: SD in bed reflecting on feeling so good, proud of his own contributions, feeling blessed, enriched, impressed, describes 2:30 am grotto visit, mispronounces Lowell, feeling compassion for Americans not happy about their POTUS, delighted again about Guylaine & Nancy
42:00-1:03:30: David Amran’s intro to Pull Daisy and full live performance of song.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

DicksnJanes #650: LCK! 2017 Part 2

Lowell Guide M. Roger Brunelle
The Scarborough Dude continues to enjoy Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, even moreso.

Follow Brian Hassett here!

Shownotes #650
0:00-0:30: intro with Kerouac, Dylan
0:30-8:00: SD recording from Jack Kerouac Memorial Park, reading carved quotes from his books, recounts breakfast at Gormleys, feeling blessed, celebrating this new now, joyful in Lowell
8:00-10:10: Readings from Maggie Cassady, Golden Eternity, Lonesome Traveler
10:10-14:30: Still in Kerouac Park, trying to explain how perfectly everything is happening, how great David Amran & others playing was  at Cappy’s Copper Kettle, plans for day including a dump, is joy just within the self?
14:30-19:20  David Amran talking about music, making of Pull My Daisy, advises fostering creativity, try to capture a moment in time, rediscovery of film’s 3rd act after 45 years, accept blessings & rejection
19:20-28:30: NOT Pull My Daisy but beautiful extended version of Woody Guthrie song Pasture of Plenty
28:30-32:40: SD recording from Sal again, recalls 2 am visit to the grotto, Stations of the Cross, recognition of this new tribe, David Amran a saint & amazing musician, good fucken day, got high with Sky, holy fuck!
32:40-36:00: Original Merry Prankster George Walker recalls his times with Neal Cassidy in Mexico, book to be written
36:00-39:10: More David Amran music with drums, bongos & bass
39:10-54:40: David Amran recalls working with Arthur Miller, mentions Dylan, Gregory Corso, introduces and plays extended version of his composition from After The Fall
54:40-57:45: Brian Hassett and George Walker read a passage from On The Road
57:45-1:00:15: SD grateful for new Quebec friend Guylaine Knupp, and Prof Nancy Fox & son Vilous who drove me to grotto & gravesite, still feeling blessed!

Friday, October 13, 2017

DicksnJanes #649: Lowell Celebrates Kerouac 2017

David Amran, Brian Hassett, Sky Chrysti Lyons
The Scarborough Dude drives Sal to Lowell MA to join in the fun at Lowell Celebrates Kerouac.

Shownotes #649
0:00-0:30: Dicksnjanes intro: That’s Kerouac laughing, and Dylan asking if it’s rolling
0:30-12:00: SD records a preamble to explain & apologize in advance for what follows, shares a apt Kerouac quote, warns listeners it may be a long ride, thanks new friends, claims Lowell was a joyful blessed breakthrough leading to further adventures
12:00-18:30: Recording from a rest stop en route to Lowell, thanks his iPhone maps navigator, praises dear Kingston friends Alvin & Braite, asks himself when he can start to let go of his stories, his past
18:30-21:45: Arrives in Lowell, breathless, excited, navigates his way to the bar, parks Sal at The Old Worthen
21:45-24:00: Still stunned at being in Lowell, but needs some food & a nap
24:00-25:45: Boasts of getting high within 20 minutes of arrival in town, but feeling shaken, holy fuck! gotta lie down
25:45-27:45: Paranoia creeps in, mind fucked, still hungry, holy molly
27:45-40:15: Lying in Sal, stoned, trying to get head back to normal, rambling on in all directions, recalling special friends and places, defends the dicksnjanes podcast as if under attack, then overlays David Amran live concert in post production to offset disjointed thoughts
40:15-43:10: Brainfart struggle between nice guy/not nice guy negativity conflict needing sorting out; if truly grateful now no need to keep the past, a cane might help
43:10-46:10: Half-hearted apology to John Leschinksi for missing Podcamp Toronto Campfire, proud to record a podcast in Lowell even if questionable quality. Meant to say fuck off if you don’t like it but didn’t
46:10-51:20: Recording from street, between bars, talking about joining the Pranksters table at the Old Worther, mistakenly calls Bill Walsh’s accent New York instead of Boston but loved his Kerouac reading in Reality Alley. Loses iPhone but still feeling blessed, holy shit!
51:20-54:10: Cool beat live recording from Cappy’s Copper Kettle
54:10-56:40: Late night recording from Reality Alley, gotta make this intimate gathering an annual event
56:40-1:01:30: Bedtime recording from Sal; leftover turkey sandwich joy, appreciation for Dan Bacon’s personal poetry reading, wanna bring Kerouac fan friends here

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

DicksnJanes #648: GottaGo!

So long Tom Petty- Love ya!
The Scarborough Dude digs deeper into the Beats and comes up with a plan.

Into The Great Wide Open - Tom Petty & The Heartbrealers - Greatest Hits
MacDougal Street Blues - Jack Kerouac - Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness
Om - Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord