Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DicksnJanes #651: LCK! 2017 - Part 3

My 'hotel' & The Old Worther, est. 1834
The Scarborough Dude squeezes more joy from Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, grateful for all the blessings he experienced.

Shownotes #651
0:00-0:30: intro: Kerouac, Dylan
0:30-14:00: Original Prankster George Walker & Brian Hassett, George talking of driving with Neal in Kesey’s Further to NYC, his earlier meeting & friendship with Neal Cassady, Brian reads Ginsberg’s version of party for Jack Kerouac while George gives first hand details, Gabs observations, last meeting of Neal & Jack, Kesey’s thoughts on Kerouac.
14:00-25:15: SD recalls previous night, thanks & praises Nancy Fox for taking him to grotto and gravesite, quotes her “We grow individually, not collectively”, (George Walker not Walsh), raves about LCK! wishing Adam & Sylvain could come, (Jamie Cassidy not Jan), happy to have met Hooter, Mike, Gubba, Sky and others, happy to have found a roach at Kerouac’s gravesite, truly holy blessed weekend for real, gifted Kerouac patch #28 of 30 from Dale, we are forming tribes, Brian Hassett presentations
25:15-28:40: Dan Bacon recites his original poems
28:40-35:30: Part of the conversation between Neal’s daughter Jamie Cassidy & Steve Edington, part of the LCK! team and author of ‘The Beat Face of God: The Beat Generation Writers as Spirit Guides’
35:30-42:00: SD in bed reflecting on feeling so good, proud of his own contributions, feeling blessed, enriched, impressed, describes 2:30 am grotto visit, mispronounces Lowell, feeling compassion for Americans not happy about their POTUS, delighted again about Guylaine & Nancy
42:00-1:03:30: David Amran’s intro to Pull Daisy and full live performance of song.

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