Friday, September 23, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #315: PhogPhest

The Scarborough Dude talks about caring, seeing with feeling, and has a wild and wonderful weekend in Windsor.

Three Little Maids From School Are We - The Mikado - A Gilbert & Sullivan Weekend
Woodward Avenue - Elliot Brood - Mountain Meadows
Northern Air - Elliot Brood - Days Into Years

Special thanks to Elliot Brood for putting on a great show!

All this made possible thanks to Tom and Frank of the Phog Lounge doing their best to make Windsor the home city of great music!

Thanks also to Donna Papacosta of the Trafcom News Podcast for telling me how to tell a story (I failed)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gapage020: Tribes

Photo borrowed from the cover of Seth Godin's very interesting book, Tribes. Read it eh.

Ken, Brent and the intern try to sort out the meaning of Gapage, and then talk about Tribes.

Recorded Live at the Imperial Pub during Podcaster Live Nite, Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011.

Among His Tribe - Ween - Quebec

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #314: thanks

The Scarborough Dude finally gets around to thanking his friends for helping him on his spiritual journey.

Eight Miles High - The Byrds - Free Flyte
Oh Happy Day (feat. Larry Hooper) - Lawrence Welk - Magic Hits of the 1950s
Walking At Night In Key West - Allen Ginsberg - Holy Soul Jelly Roll

Highly Recommended Listening: Notes from the Psychedelic Salon

Saturday, September 03, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #313: modernfamily

The Scarborough Dude bemoans the state of western culture, then raves about favourite TV shows.

This Is Love - George Harrison - Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison
The Lovely Linda - Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan: History

Opening remarks compliments of Steve-Dave Reality Tour Podcast