Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gapage020: Tribes

Photo borrowed from the cover of Seth Godin's very interesting book, Tribes. Read it eh.

Ken, Brent and the intern try to sort out the meaning of Gapage, and then talk about Tribes.

Recorded Live at the Imperial Pub during Podcaster Live Nite, Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011.

Among His Tribe - Ween - Quebec


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
The noise you heard in tree in show #313 is from a insect called a Katydid. If you listen to it closly it sounds like "Katy--did" "Katy --did". Thus the name. Love the show. John from Michigan

Anonymous said...

The fish you saw jump in the water at the park was very likely a carp, but may have been a King salmon looking for a stream to swim up and spawn. My money is on a carp, unless they stock the area with Salmon. John from Michigan

Scarborough Dude said...

John from Michigan! Thank you for the answers to my nature questions. I am quite certain you are correct on both counts, Katydid in the tree and Carp in the sea. Aside from solving mysteries for us, I am delighted to have you on board as a listener.

Quietloft said...

BTW, I really enjoyed this episode of Gapage. It seemed to me like the idea of what you want the podcast to be came into focus, and that with the Intern now formally and finally recognized as part of the team, you're ready to take it forward. Looking forward to #21!