Saturday, September 03, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #313: modernfamily

The Scarborough Dude bemoans the state of western culture, then raves about favourite TV shows.

This Is Love - George Harrison - Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison
The Lovely Linda - Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan: History

Opening remarks compliments of Steve-Dave Reality Tour Podcast


Richard Bunky Bell said...

Always good to hear George Harrison.

Richard Bunky Bell said...

My wife and I became Stargate SG-1 fans when the series started in 1997. After a few seasons of coming to know the characters, we began to see that the quality of acting and writing was very high.

When Stargate Atlantis started I was skeptical that it could be as good a Sci-fi series as SG-1. Again after coming to know the characters it was clear the level of quality was high. David Hewlett's portrayal of Rodney McKay is genius. We were devastated when the series was cancelled after only 5 seasons.
We've bought both series on DVD.

Stargate trying to emulate the dark production style of Battlestar Galactica missed the whole feel of the Stargate franchise. Due to it's short run I was obviously not alone in my assessment

Just my humble opinion.