Friday, March 30, 2012

DicksnJanes Podcast #342: whatschanged

Scarborough Dude notes that some things change, some things stay the same.

Seems So Long Ago, Nancy - Scott Mathews - The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered (Mojo)
Girl - Beatles - Rubber Soul
Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline 

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Jason said...

I've gone back and listened to your comments on the USA several times just to make sure I have it in my mind and I couldn't agree more. We're in a dangerous situation here. We've sucked the identity out of the country and, in turn, let the corporations (via lobbyists) take control.

Why do we blame Obama for our troubles when he is merely a figurehead. He can't change a thing. "They" wouldn't let him if he could. And the idea of Romney as president is a complete joke. Talk about the status quo.

We've sold the country to China. All of our manufacturing - gone. We're a service based economy now and the majority of jobs are serving one another. If you are not the elite, you're stuck. Plus, the elite doesn't want anyone ascending that might break their system!

If you have any sort of opinion, you get nailed. You have to be middle of the road on everything or there will be some sort of public interest group coming out of the woodwork to demand an apology. If you are too far left or right, you've had it!

And, why is there so much negativity in politics here? To alienate the voter base so voters whom the powers that be consider the "wrong people" won't vote!

I feel bad for my kids. At least I had some hope when I was growing up or maybe I just didn't see the big picture.

I wish everyone could hear your thoughts on this because you're dead on.