Saturday, July 16, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #306: storytelling

The Scarborough Dude gets rattled trying to tell a story from Nigeria.

We Can Be Heros - Wallflowers - Godzilla: The Album
Ridin' Home - J.J. Cale - Gold

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Stevie Z said...

Dude - loved the show. Can't speak for others, but I really DO enjoy the stories about places you've been and people you've met and the drugs you've imbibed along the way.
I think it was my father who once told me that if I'm not able to do something personally that I'd love to do, find someone who's done something similar and ask them to tell you their story about it. Am looking forward to many more....

Stevie Z

PS - During your segment you recorded at the Podcaster's Open Mic night, who was the dick who kept interrupting you with his sad attempts at being funny, and his sad attempts to make every minute about him?