Monday, July 11, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #305: circled

Picture of Etobicoke Joe and Bryon aboard the CJS Stella Borealis
The Scarborough Dude brags again about being a hero, then tries to put a bow on it.

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Tom Hofstätter said...

Scarboroughdude, thanks for the mention in dnjpodcast305. The sentiment is mutual.
As far as your request for feedback, two things come straight to mind (specifically for Dicksnjanes podcast anyway…):

I find it curious that you criticize yourself for occasionally talking to/or performing for your audience rather than only for your own catharsis, while at the same time aspiring to touch folks with your message. For me the latter is definitely true. I hope the former is too. It is a performance art, I think you know that or else you’d just sit on the bench and mutter to yourself (maybe you do). Stop apologizing, anyone who is listening wants to be there with you.

Most of the time I can listen or watch a podcast while working or to fall asleep – just half listening in the background. Dicksnjanes demands my full attention. I often have to scroll back to catch a nuance or some cascade of digressions. I enjoy listening to you unravel the threads of thoughts. I would love to hear what gets cut out.

For me the hour is thought provoking, hilarious, enraging, and engaging. It is simply a pleasure. (I am working backwards to 200, which is its own trip)