Friday, March 12, 2010

DicksnJanes #237: tenyearsbehind

A grumpy Dude begins this episode and a stunned Prick ends it. Lotsa talk in between.

Ordinary Day - Great Big Sea - Oh What A Feeling²: A Vital Collection Of Canadian Music
Fort Worth Jail - Tex Ritter - Twenty-Four Gunfighter Ballads
Hows About Tellin A Story - Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow
This Old House - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Waxies Dargle - Various artists - Irish Drinking Songs-All The Best


Chris said...

Venting is good. It's the best therapy. I do it all the time. :)

Etiquette Bitch said...

I'd comment this week, but I usually seem to piss you off, so I won't. ;) Cheers, sd.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Chris - although I had the feeling I may have over-vented on this one. Felt better getting it out of my system, but feel a bit sheepish for bad-mouthing my classmates. That's one god reason for NOT using a real name; those I've insulted will not likely her it.

Etiquette Bitch - it's an honour having you as a listener; you have a dicksnjanes Bitch Free card to play anytime you like!

The Deranged Moose said...

Oh yeah, this one struck a chord with me. I can really identify with your frustration. Trying to develop curriculum relating to technology in education is practically pointless. By the time all of the hoops are jumped through whatever curriculum has been developed is obsolete. If you're not getting your information from a monthly publication, forget it!

Great rant!

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Roger. It's funny, cuz this is one of the very few episodes I was tempted to take down. I felt badly about directing my frustration towards my teacher and classmates, but man, I wouldn't want to go thru that again! I guess then from the comments I should stick with what I know best - shouting my face off!

Anonymous said...

Arrr..I second that. Stick with the venting as you do it so very well!

Next episode I am hoping that you sound off about Harper's sad attempt at taking questions on Youtube.. I hadn't heard him speak before and soon realized I hadn't missed much...his position on the legalization of pot and Canada's position on Afghanistan weren't just weak...they were historically innacurate and totally spineless.

Scarborough Dude said...

Sorry Anon - wasn't up to seeing Harper on YouTube this time, but am morbidly curious. I'm disgusted with most world leaders for their cowardice on drug policies - blatantly handing control of the drug business over to the worst possible people. It hurts us all, one way or another. When will be ever have more enlightened leaders?

Christine said...

Hi Dude! Just letting you know I'm a faithful listener and love hearing you (and prick) vent.. and your stories from previous travels and 'trips'.. keep up the great insights into your life, you truly are the coolest 60ish Dude i 'know'.
from Vancouver Island,
in Beautiful BC