Sunday, February 24, 2008

DicksnJanes #140: comfortzones

The Scarborough Dude finds comfort with friends. Thanks for the ending Tom!

Music: from some FM station, Montreal, 1982

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Anonymous said...

It was interesting that you called this "comfort zones" because I was thinking that for Podcamp Toronto I completely stepped outside my comfort zone, which is why I had a meltdown, and how great it was to be with people who could make me feel better about that in the end.

Though I think it'll be a while before I step out of the comfort zone again.

Maybe if they finally organize a Podcamp Montreal....

Anonymous said...

k, I listened to you at Podcamp, you may have been outside your comfort zone but you had great insight. I wish you could have continued your thoughts on branding etc on Sunday. I thought we could have had a good discussion around your statements. Keep pushing yourself!

Bob said...

there's no way that music was from CHOM FM.. that was the rock station..

This music is probably from CKMF (I remember them playing "On TV" quite a bit during that time...

Maybe it was CKOI - the others were all still playing "Beautiful Music" so it's narrowed down to 2 :)

Just sayin' is all ..

Scarborough Dude said...

Oops! Called out by a guy who knows both Montreal and radio! What can I say? I guess I just assumed it was CHOM I was taping, cuz that's what I used to listen to, from the days when it was still CKGM fighting with CFCF over who could get hold of the latest Beatles single first. Now that I think of it, I had just returned to Canada with my new stereo tapedeck, and was probably going up and down the dial checking out what I had missed over the past 2 years. Hey - it feels good to be corrected- reassurance someone out there's listening! Thanks Bob!