Sunday, February 03, 2008

DicksnJanes #137: AADD

The Scarborough Dude wonder if an undiagnosed case of AADD might explain a few things. And more.
NOTE: The DicksnJanes Podcast is a much better listen with headphones eh. Mary Jane doesn't hurt either.

Don't Let Us Get Sick - Jill Sobule - Enjoy Every Sandwich

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And of course check out: The Talking Stick
And don't forget to see if you too have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you don't have AADD, you have WEED. My dad suffers from the same affliction, so I recognize the signs.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're AADD, then I'm there with you.

I'd prefer to think of myself as "creative" rather than having a deficit of attention.


I hope you and John do present at PAB -- or maybe the topic should be a panel discussion, bringing together a bunch of folks who are flying off in very different directions with their podcasting? In any case, I'd love to hear more about Podcasting Without Boundaries at Podcasters Across Borders.

Scarborough Dude said...

Well damit, I thought I had something going there, and was ready to milk this for all it was worth. "Wow, that Scarborough Dude guy is really doing well - considering he's AADD!" Now what can I use for an excuse? I don't want to go back to just being lazy and undisciplined!

Cynergy said...
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Anonymous said...

WEED... hmmmm What's that an acronym for...?

I think Norm Augustinus has that too. An entire brick of it as a matter of fact.

Not a bad show for a hairless ape.

Anonymous said...

If you have the patience to take that survey I'd say you don't have AADD...that thing is way too long. I took one look and closed the page.

Dave Brodbeck said...

Is there adult ADD, sure.

Would I trust that 'test' no.

It is authored by the owner of the website. A website full of grammatical errors, and the psychiatrist that owns the site oddly enough, treats the disorder.

Questionnaire construction is not an easy thing to do, you don't just toss a bunch of items together and administer them. It takes serious expertise. It usually involves having a PhD specializing in psychometrics. A psychiatrist would rarely if ever, have such training. (I am not saying he is dishonest, I am saying he is shall we say, over confident).

Scarborough Dude said...

Thank you Dr. Brodbeck. I notice there are several AADD sites, and most seem to be pushing their own cures, so point well taken. I'll revisit this topic on the next show - if I can stuck to the plan, that is.