Monday, February 26, 2007

DicksnJanes #90: Podcamp Toronto

The Scarborough Dude soaks up the atmosphere and beer at Podcamp Toronto, and weasles a new title out of Bob and Mark.

Eat It - Wierd Al Yankovich
Pieces - Sum 41
Some Enchanted Evening - Ezio Scarborough Dude Pinza - South Pacific

Barry From Barrie
Geek Farm Life
Le Quebec En Balado Diffusion
Sassy Science Podcast


Chris Brogan said...

It was really great meeting you at PodCamp. Thanks for coming out, sharing your energy, and adding to the community. You were truly a treat to talk with.

Scarborough Dude said...

Well Chris, I gotta tell ya, that sure makes me feel a lot better! The last conversation I remember was accusing you of delibrately putting on weight so you could start a new show promoting some miraculous weight loss technique! I think the fifth pint was just starting to kick in around then - so thanks for cutting me some slack - that's much better than me sending you a groveling apology. Great time though! And for the record, I did mean it when I said you were without a doubt the most entertaining presenter there. Okay, so maybe it was tie with Julien - but you were great!

Zedcaster said...

When you took your notes from the sessions and read it as a poem...AMAZING!

I think it summed up the spirit of podcasting, and obviously the spirit of PodCamp Toronto, beautifully.

And don't worry about what 'we' expect, just concentrate on what 'you' expect from Dicks N' Janes. That's what makes it unique, that's why we listen.

One of the things that I missed most this weekend was not being able to hoist a pint with you my friend. See you at PAB in Kingston. - Bruce (The Zedcast)

Anonymous said...

Scarborough Dude... You really do have a great voice for podcasting. It's not just that you sound good, but listening to you, I felt like we connected through this medium. That's the real deal.

Can you post the transcript to that poem? It was awesome. After listening to it for a bit, I actually forgot you were reading a series of quotes. Instead it just sounded like a poem. It would be great to further immortalize that poem by posting a transcript.

It was great seeing you on the weekend. Thanks for the Sassy Science plug in the show. You can call me cute and smart anytime. I've been called worse... ha!

I personally liked hearing you stoned in the show for that short section. You spoke through your heart and it was fun. ;)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the plug and I thank you for listening and recommending me to your listeners. It's the word of mouth referrals that mean the most to thank you.

That "poem" was excellent. I agree with Sonya that you should get the transcript out of that. Great job.

And I second what Bruce says. You should NEVER focus on what you think we want to hear...just put out what you want to say...and we'll decide if we want to listen.

And...I thought the choice of Weird Al's Eat It was of my favourite Weird Al songs too. Either, your son has very mature tastes, or I'm running on the same level as's a little of both.

Thanks again for doing whatever it is you're doing with Dick's and Janes!

Andy Bilodeau

TimothyPilgrim said...

It great great to meet you again Scarbro Dood, I just wish I could've hung around a had a pint with you and all the others. It's always a joy to listen to Dicks n Janes!