Saturday, February 10, 2007

DicksnJanes #88: Killing Time

Reflections on a loss, more annoying self-analysis, and a chat with Daryl Cognito. Oh ya, and memories of Matala.

Doginabag - The Fratellis - Costello Music
totido - Caution Jam
Carey - Joni Mitchell - Blue

The wind is in from Africa
Last night I couldn’t sleep
Oh, you know it sure is hard to leave here Carey
But it’s really not my home
My fingernails are filthy, I got beach tar on my feet
And I miss my clean white linen and my fancy French cologne

Oh Carey get out your cane
And Ill put on some silver
Oh you’re a mean old daddy, but I like you fine

Come on down to the mermaid cafe and I will buy you a bottle of wine
And well laugh and toast to nothing and smash our empty glasses down
Lets have a round for these freaks and these soldiers
A round for these friends of mine
Lets have another round for the bright red devil
Who keeps me in this tourist town

Come on, Carey, get out your cane
Ill put on some silver
Oh you’re a mean old daddy, but I like you

Maybe I'll go to Amsterdam
Or maybe I'll go to Rome
And rent me a grand piano and put some flowers round my room
But lets not talk about fare-thee-wells now
The night is a starry dome.
And they’re playin that scratchy rock and roll
Beneath the Matalla moon

Come on, Carey, get out your cane
And Ill put on some silver
You’re a mean old daddy, but I like you

The wind is in from Africa
Last night I couldn’t sleep
Oh, you know it sure is hard to leave here
But, it’s really not my home
Maybe it’s been too long a time
Since I was scramblin down in the street
Now they got me used to that clean white linen
And that fancy French cologne

Oh Carey, get out your cane
Ill put on my finest silver
Well go to the mermaid cafe
Have fun tonight
I said, oh, you’re a mean old daddy, but you’re out of sight

Joni Mitchell


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dude!

You know, I've listened to practically everyone of your shows, and I have to admit, that this one ranks high on my list. As usual, the threads refuse to rewind back onto the spools, but that doesn't prevent my saying what damn fine threads they are. Anyone who had a girlfriend in the 1960's and 70's had a lover who was enamoured of Joni -- I guess we were suppose to be either David, Steven, Graham or Neil? I have been to Greece twice, but never followed up on the "Matalla of Moon" possibility -- I suppose that I thought that it was long gone, anyway. Your description was superb ... not as gone as I thought. Also, a good Skype chat (I had to laugh when the trash that had been furiously hauled out through the front door, was desperately dragged in through the back!)

Thanks for all the hard work that goes into these podcasts ... it's good to hear that someone is blowing such a joyful melody on the muted horn. [Yup, you're correct -- that is a Thomas Pynchon reference. And it might have a Lot to say about podcasting].


Scarborough Dude said...

Okay, so maybe to some of you this looks like a set-up eh - like the guy who leaves the most comments is also a regular contributor to the show, my old buddy from Nigerian days, Wizzie. But listen folks, we podcasters are an insecure bunch and NEED FEEDBACK! So here's what else Wizzie wrote:

Now, what was that Beatles song, "I Wanna Kiss Your Ass"? My memory is so
faulty these days.

No, genuinely thought this was an excellent podcast. Not your masterclass
episode, but a fine one, nonetheless.

Your masterclass podcast would include:

1. Walking around in Japan.
2. Driving your car
3. Something you saw at the graveyard.
4. Telling a story.
5. Related songs.
6. A Skypecast (new to the list)/ beercast with buddies.
7. A sermon.
8. A moment of boozy reverie.
9. A righteous rant.
10. Eating food (maybe while doing all of the above).

... And the theme that would tie them altogether.

So, you need more advice? [as in Yiddish, "So, you need more advice ...
Like a hole in the head.")


Paddy said...

Really enjoyed your latest episode. Was sitting in my bath with the lights out and sipping a glass of red wine – ideal podcast listening environment. The Crete story just transported me, it was incredible. Greece (Ios) was my first holiday, by myself, and your tale reminded me of the great times I had there. Cheers.

medazzaland said...

Wanted to write you a personal email but I'm having trouble hunting down your email. You say it once in a while in your show but I couldn't track it down.

Anyway. I'm listening to your show and really enjoying it. Keep up the great work!

You're right. You're show is not for everybody. But it is right for me.

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