Monday, October 09, 2006

DicksnJanes #70: Reductionism

A rambling walk along Bloor Stree with Cousin Zeke, in search of more answers.

Chelsea Hotel No. 2 - Leonard Cohen - New Skin for the Old Ceremony
L'eau Et Le Vent - Danielle Martineau - Here And Now


Anonymous said...

Very interesting chat with "Zeke" - right up my alley in fact. I became an atheist after reading Richard Dawkins' book "The Blind Watchmaker" where he described natural selection so beautifully, it all made sense.

It was hard to admit that for most of my life I had been clinging to false beliefs of an afterlife, heaven, etc. Now that I've renounced religion I feel a huge weight off my mind and the freedom that comes with that is fantastic. No longer do I have to fear the "devil", "hell" and all the other rubbish that keeps people god-fearing. I just don't buy it any more.

Thanks for a great show dude. Can't concentrate on the knitting when I listen to you!

Scarborough Dude said...

Aaahhh! How satisfying it is to get a comment like that- thank you Lizzy! Even better - Cousin Zeke is new to the world of podcasting, and may not believe people actually listen to the show.

Staye tuned- I managed to get another 10 minutes of conversation tidying up some loose ends. and will include that on #71. Sorry to be throwing off your knitting- but thank you!

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful day in the Lower Mainland.

I was walking home from work and listening to your enjoyable podcast, when, for the second time, you've forgotten the made-up name you made-up for me! By the way, I was the guy who ended up sleeping on the floor next to "Tom" and -- hmmm, OK, "Bogie" -- while you were entertained by Elvis's mother (well, if this doesn't make any sense, you need to listen to the podcast.)

I don't know about "God", but "Hope" is a place about 96 kms from here; and, "Faith" is a woman who inspected my last pair of underwear (says so, on the little slip of paper that fell out of the package.)

Reducio ad absurdum?

Happy Turkey Day, Bud.

Scarborough Dude said...

Sorry Wizzie - but hey, can we come up with another name for you? That one was your choice, not mine, I believe. You look a lot like Hemingway - 'Papa' maybe?

Ya, I thought it was you who got locked out- did I ever buy you a beer for that?

Phog Blog said...

This show lasted me three nights, and soothed my mind through the thick sinus/head-cold I contracted from Phog Lounge patrons.
Zeke was golden. The collaboration between the two of you, busy at just being yourselves, made my drives to and from work delightful.
You, Dude, continue to make my pulse jump when I see a new show in iTunes. They are the treat of the week. Seriously. They always contain exactly what I need to be hearing that week.
I look forward to more gems. Nice to hear your son! Geez! That was great!
The last time I was on the roof with my Dad, he got dizzy, and had to get down. We were painting my old house (roof peak), and it was VERY uncomfortable up there. Instead, he took his place on the ground, relaying results of the Detroit Tiger game this June, as I painted and absorbed sunlight.
Father-son stuff is solid.
Shane and Tom's Squeezebox
Windsor, ON

Anonymous said...

Man oh man - such kind words!! Makes my head feel all big and happy! But hey, I remind myself, it's all about people and friendship and keeping it real. Merci beaucoup eh Tom!

BTW, I'm desparately looking for an excuse to come visit the Phog Lounge! How about a Windor meetup?


Anonymous said...

That's my neighbourhood, chum! Surprised we didn't bump into one another.

Now that we've managed to get back into a regular recording schedule, are you up for a guest appearance sometime?

Scarborough Dude said...

Coffeemachine!! You're back!!! I've been wondering what happened to you? I was a l set to get on your show during my summer off and you disappeared. But - if you're serious this time, it could be a lot of fun, so ya, email me eh. I promise I won't bring Prick along!