Sunday, July 02, 2006

Podcasters Without Borders

Okay, so I broke another promise! After hearing all those other great reviews I just had to get in my twoonies worth. If you want to hear an excellent and highly entertaining take on the whole dam Kingston gathering then skip this and listen to:

Arthur Masters' Ottawa Local Podcast:

Borrowed Music:
Hey Now, Hey Now - Cab Calloway - Are You Hep To The Jive?
The Canadian Dream - Sam Roberts - We We're Born In A Flame
Bridge To Nowhere - Sam Roberts - Chemical City
Alan Watts Podcast - Alan Watts -


Bethany said...

good reading

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks for the comment Bethany - glad you enjoeyd the 'reading'. BTW, I like your motto: "Take time for today, for tomorrow may be too late, and yesterday is gone forever."

Anonymous said...

great, scarb dude. good fun meeting you at PAB06, and glad to find your show. by the way, the poems are up, if you want to check em:

cheers. see you at the next one.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Hugh. Looks like you got just about everyone at the conference to read! Well done.

Anonymous said...

well 40 of 80 so was batting 500, which isn't bad.

but loved your latest show and a couple of others i've listened to. the openness of the format of podcasting is what's so great - while many are making "radio," very good to see others doing something very very different, much more interesting to me, and telling the CRIA to stuff themselves in the process.

i'm going to have to listen to this sam roberts fellow more - i've been skeptical for no reason at all - i assumed if people are taling about him the music couldn't be that good. but have never really listened before, so thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

this podcast started off so fucking awesome. you rule.

Zee And Zed said...

It is too bad we didn't get a picture. Don't know what happened, I remember the 4 of us, Karen and I, Melinda, and yourself all squeeze(boxed) in for a picture together, don't know who took it, whose camera it was. Somebody fess up!

More on the other channel later.


Anonymous said...

by the way dude, you should try and listen to this podcast, i think it would be totally up your alley:

Anonymous said...

Hey great show!! It was great meeting up.

I'm so sad I missed Andy D. He didn't even mention any of it on the 5 hour drive back to his place Sunday. Well, ok he slept all the way past London, at which time I was starting to worry about being able to wake him up since I had no clue how to get back to his place. But that's another story. :)

Tristan said...

Thanks for the mention, SD! We crave the attention.


Anonymous said...

SD, It was great to meet you in person, too bad we could not hang out more. I will keep listening as will Isabelle. You rock.