Friday, December 16, 2005

Dicks & Janes Podcast #39

In this episode, the Scarborough Dude practices pimping his show, reflects on the meaning of Christmas, and loses a sidekick. What else do you want? The John Lennon Tribute is next week, okay?

Mule Train - Frankie Laine - Singing In The Saddle
Noel, C'est L'Amour - University Of Manitoba Singers - A Noteworthy Christmas
The Band Played On - Guy Lombardo - The Best Of Guy Lombardo


Anonymous said...

I told you no one listens to your fucken stupid show! Not one fucken comment, Dude! Let me take over, and I'll double your listenership - I'll get you into the two digits, guaranfuckenteed! If not- I'm quitting!

Yours truly, Prick

Anonymous said...

N'écoutez pas M. Prick. Après tout, il est une "piqûre." Cette hymne par l'université des chanteurs de Manitoba était belle. Brillant.

Scarborough Dude said...

For the lingually challenged out there, the Magician says, according to Sherlock:

"Do not listen to Mr. Prick. After all, it is a "puncture." This anthem by the university of the singers of Manitoba was beautiful. Shining."

I'm sure poor Prude would agree, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Prick.

Yours truly,
No Shite Sherlock