Friday, July 01, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#15

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The Scarborough Dude makes an honest attempt to welcome his American cousins on this joint holiday weekend, but gets sidetracked by war, civil rights, assasinations, etc., and rants on instead in praise of Canada (except for Alberta). Ends on an up-Beat note, so have a listen eh.

One - Jarvis Church featuring K'naan - Peace Songs 1
Hum Bom - Allen Ginsberg - Holy Soul Jelly Roll
Don't Drop That Bomb On Me - Bryan Adams - Peace Songs 2
Readings From "On The Road" And "Visions Of Cody" - Jack Kerouac - Poetry For The Beat Generation


Anonymous said...

"We don't need no war machine ..." Guess Who? Again, an amusing and rambling roll. How about Nigeria as our "better neighbour"? That would be quite a shift crossing the border. Keep 'em coming, Dude.

Scarborough Dude said...

Hot dam! A comment!! If feedback were food, I would have starved to death long ago! Not looking for full meals - just a few crumbs to keep me going, just like the one above. Thanks pal! I tried, eh...

Anonymous said...

Scarborough Dude, you're a multi-multi-layered, smart dude!

On the Road & The Dharma Bums are two books I got into - really got into - as I have gotten into few others. So it is great to hear Jack (was it he?) voicing his thoughts.

Scarborough Dude said...

That was indeed the real voice of Jack Kerouac, who is also heard at the start of each show laughing in the studio where he recorded some of his poetry... Glad to know other still appreciate what Jack had to say. My favourite of his may be Big Sur, written when he knew he was starting to lose it. Aaah, must try to do a Beat Podcast!