Monday, July 02, 2018

DicksnJanes #690: spilledemotions

The Scarborough Dude starts and ends in different graveyards, with some venting in between, concluding with a voice from the past.

Come On To Me - Paul McCartney - Egypt Station
Rigoletto: Questa o' quella - Nuremberg Symphonic Orchestra, Hanspeter Gmür & José Maria Perez - Top 200 Classics: The Very Best of Classical Music
Canadian Sunset - Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra - Magic Hits of the 1950s
Some D&J Luv - Tom Lucier - Dec 2008


Rave On said...

Ken: you mentioned that you would like to dedicate a bench in Bluffers Park. I have a idea that you might consider although it would be double the expenditure. Instead of one bench you could have two benches and have them facing each other. The idea would be to encourage visitors to talk with one another as they face each other, Perhaps the benches could be close enough that a small folding table could be brought to create a setting for lunch or chess. Give the location a clever name that would promote the idea of communication. I had this in mind where we live because we have a neighborhood association that wants more power than they need or deserve. The genesis of the idea was having oppositional ideas expressed in a park like setting would a more amicable result. Perhaps a Go Fund Me campaign for friends of Bluffers Park.
Jim Gavin
Eureka Mo.

Rave On said...

"would promote a more amicable result" ;^)