Sunday, November 19, 2017

DicksnJanes #656: shoutingandcomplaining?

Michael the Virtual Yooper & Chris visit Scarborough
Someone just described my podcast as nothing but me shouting and complaining; hoping that's not entirely accurate.

Stand Up - Kyprios - Peace Songs
The Beautiful Occupation - Travis - Peace Songs
Saddle Tramp - Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs 

You can buy Brian Hassett's book The Hitchhikers Guide to Jack Kerouac here.


Unknown said...

Unsolicited advice re: writing your own story: it sounds like you're trying to write while thinking like an editor. When writing, think like a writer (getting the words out, i.e. don't so much think as let the words come out). Then switch mindsets.

If you find yourself blocked, Dan Harmon has some decent advice:

You could also try recording, transcribing, then editing from there. (are there past episodes that contain stories you want to capture?)

An additive approach might work. Write one sentence, leave it alone for a while, then expand it a bit more. Rinse and repeat until you have to break it up into a couple of sentences, then onward (one paragraph to two, etc.).


Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Milan - good observation! And I really like that short piece by Dan Harmon - thanks for the link.

I talk about Prince George, often, and last night read through letters I wrote from the track gang that Barnacle Bill had saved for me. Plenty of resources to draw on, in fact almost overwhelming as I have letters and journals going back decades. I just submitted a decisive 'No!' to teaching the winter semester- maybe that will at least give me time...

Unknown said...

The letters, yes -- I think you mentioned those in a previous podcast episode (something about cleaning house). So, lots of material -- or lots of first drafts. I guess you are actually already in editing mode.

It seems that if there's any message you could impart to listeners (to the extent you want to get into "messages"), it could be to write lots, hang onto it, and go back to it later. Who needs social media?


Unknown said...

One more thing that might be of interest re: writing. I glanced at the books on my desk and this one might be of interest:

Writing for story : craft secrets of dramatic nonfiction by a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner