Monday, June 12, 2017

DicksnJanes #624: abunchofwords

Traveling companions Shane Potvin and Adam Gratrix
The Scarborough Dude puts together a bunch of words to make a one-sided conversation.
Mule Skinner Blues - Stompin' Tom Connors - Stompin' Tom Connors (Live At the Horseshoe)
Jimmy - Boney M - Boonoonoonoos
Pow R. Toc. H. - Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates of Dawn


Unknown said...

Wow that brought back a lot of memories, I remember listing to Bob and AJ when the "Scarborough Dude" made what I believe was his first appearance on a podcast.

Damn Ken you're still the same old "Scarborough Dude"

Best wishes


Scarborough Dude said...

Great to hear back from you Dutch - what a surprise! Still have an episode of 20 Below on my hard drive, and 16 Beers sung by Tennessee Ernie Dutch. Hope all's well with you...