Sunday, February 09, 2014

DicksnJanes #440: fathering

The Scarborough Dude tries not to talk about family but does anyway, in keeping with the DicksnJanes School of Podcasting.

Integratron - Dengue Fever - Venus On Earth
Encore - Nicholas Jaar   
The Cigarette Duet - Princess Chelsea

And for a slightly different cup of tea, try Norm Augustinus


Kenneth said...

Listening to episode 295 this morning while looking at Canada on google maps: It's pretty amazing.
While the the mental topography of Canada that I've gleaned listening to your show is somewhat extensive, actually seeing places like Prince George, Bluffers Park, Scarborough, the Eglington Go Station, Kensington, Tangier, Etc. all of these places that play such a role in the story of your life, it's like finding a book of a story that you've only ever heard as an oral tale and being able to dive into a depth of detail that can only be explored in a medium more tangible than speech alone can convey.
It's a lot of fun, this interactive dicksnjanes.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your latest offering, I sometimes wonder if we aren't subconsciously in competition with our fathers or would they be proud of our life. Who knows?