Sunday, July 15, 2012

DicksnJanes Podcast #357: alterkocker

The Scarborough Dude learns he is, amongst other things, an alter kocker.

I Wish - Stevie Wonder - Number 1's
The Dolphins - It's a Beautiful Day - Marrying Maiden
Man Has To Struggle - Van Morrison   - Down The Road


Anonymous said...

You rail against the Arabs, but the Jews are okay?

Scarborough Dude said...

Do I really rail against the Arabs? Guess you never heard the episodes where I expressed my sadness and anger over the needless Iraq war? But then you don't even have the courtesy to identify yourself, while I do my best to bare my soul week after week, apologizing for my shortcomings and misunderstandings and failures.

For the record, I condemn all fanatics, be they Jews, Christians, Moslems, Sikhs, etc., for their blind stubborn ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentalist Arabs if you are looking to get specific. Circumcision is pretty a fundamentalist Jewish belief you're fine standing behind, but not the subjugation of women by arabs?

Richard Bunky Bell said...

Oh Dude stop whining... no wait, that's what you do best, sorry.
However I don't think you should chastise this fellow for choosing to remain anonymous. You ask for comments, so when you get them unless you want to alienate your audience you should show some respect and respond with the intelligence that we all know you have.