Sunday, December 18, 2011

DicksnJanes Podcast #327: happyholidays

The Scarborough Dude gets into the holiday spirit - with family.

Little Drummer Boy - Boney M - The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs Of The World
Across The Universe - The Beatles - Let It Be Naked


Wizzie said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Dude.

Just some thought-jots...joughts, thots...about your pc podcast.

Multiculturalism means “all cultures." If you want to say “Merry Christmas” and that’s your culture, why not do so? Heck, you might even broaden your definationalism by saying “Happy Diwalli" in October or gung hay fat choy when it’s the other time. We certainly don’t turn Ebenezer-on-your-ass when those celebrations are happening. Honestly, folks, multiculturalism means our settler-culture, too.

Kids have always been judged by different standards than the adult population (driving laws, drinking age, voting.) It is common practice for schools deal with bullying on social networking sites. The author’s insensitive comments were that, and any student will be suspended for this behaviour. The real question here is how did this incident end up in the newspaper? This should have been a sit-down and discuss with the girl and parents, finished. She is nothing more than a parent-parrot and, no doubt, it has been the caregivers who have turned this into a freedom-of-speech issue. Don't forget that "hate" is an exception to our right of free speech as guaranteed in the constitution. Sadly, because of the fuss, it will be a long time, if ever, before this girl re-evaluates her values.

You’re surprised about Big Brother? Excuse me while I close my mouth. This is 1984 … you must know that. OK, it is Orwell’s vision with Steve Jobs's sense of design … it doesn’t look like Oceania, but it behaves a lot like it. There are cameras everywhere, and our behaviours are logged, flogged and catalogued every time we visit a webpage. In fact, I'm watching you through that webcam hole, right now. “Stop picking your nose, number 47. Time for the physical jerks, citizens. Comrade Scarborough, more effort!”

And, that book is not necessarily about communism, but anyone or thing who/that has way too much control.

Hmmmm. Word verification is "poronid".

Ho, ho, ho.
Best wishes for the New Year. Surely, as an old Victorian once said, "the best of times."

Richard Bunky Bell said...

Drug gangs?
Would these be the same drug gangs that provide your toot? Or is that the Toronto chapter of the Hells Angels???
Where did you think it came from?
Who do you think is ultimately responsible for the violence?
I've come to the conclusion that until toot becomes legalized it's not really a victim-less crime.