Sunday, September 19, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #264: goobleme

(This comic was originally created for the Dicks&Janes zine, 1995)
The Scarborough Dude yammers on from the Bluffs, enjoys a toast, goes to a party- the usual.

Baby Please Don't Go - Van Morrison - Best Of Van Morrison
Because They're Young - Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser
Ballad of a Teenage Queen - Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two - Magic Hits of the 1950s
Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love - Jimmie Rodgers - Magic Hits of the 1950s


Chris - Nachos At Midnight said...

Great podcast. Best one yet. Great stories and Prick showed up! Loved it.

Joel said...

First time I heard you're show. I absolutely love it! You've managed to make your inner monologue entertaining and compelling... Can't wait to dig through your back catalogue!

Joel said...

Oh and I really wish I would proof shit before I hit "publish" I totally meant "your show"

Anonymous said...

First time to listen to DicksnJanes! Jesis Chrust - where the fck have you been Joel!?

Oops - that was supposed to be just inside my head - what I meant to say was thank you, it's always great to have a new listener, and especially one who bothers to post a comment!

Much appreciated Joel, and I do hope you find other episodes you enjoy in the back catalogue. I recommend a random selection. Still wish I could post a randomizer button on my site, but that's beyond my capabilities...

Scarborough Dude