Friday, August 13, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #259: linesinthesand

In the midst of his summer study tour, the Scarborough Dude questions his level of tolerance.

Justin Bieber Sings Bad - Camp Staff Original
Walking the Dog - Rolling Stones - England's Newest Hit Makers


Picard102 said...

I don't think it's you who needs to change their attitude.

Anthony Marco said...

Alright, admittedly I envy your time with Oscar. That said, having been at the venue so recently after PAB, I really enjoyed being able to construct the aural picture you created in the segment.

Anonymous said...

Right on a fellow Canadian, I support having a tolerant attitude towards most things (including religion), but I also believe that, as Canadians, we set certain parameters that apply to everyone lucky enough to live in the the old print version of D n' J's used to say, "no assholes allowed..."


Here's an excerpt:
The real kicker is that as a Natural Born Canadian I have fewer rights than these so-called minorities, special interest groups or refugees living in the country. If I were to give an open speech stating the "Muslim civilization is rotten from within the core. All that is required is an attack from the outside to bring them to their knees", I would likely be arrested for inciting hate and no doubt the Muslim community would be up in arms. This duplicity is disgusting. If our way of life is despicable to the Muslim they should stay the hell out.