Monday, May 24, 2010

DicksnJanes Podcast #248: lawnorder

The Scarborough Dude does not like violence, anarchists or bad guys.

War - Liam Titcomb - Peace Songs
For All The Cows - Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters

Listen to Vague Diva at Les Vagues Divagations


Richard Bunky Bell said...

I feel your anger concerning those rapists. Simple death is too good for them. I want them to be burned alive, but... we can't beat them that way.

Concerning your vegetarianism.
Mrs. B announce to me about 3 months after we married that she was now a vegetarian. Is that a case for annulment?
Anyway 33 years later I'm still a meat eater although not often, maybe once a week average.
While I see and understand the case vegetarians make, and over the years food products available to vegetarians have become more plentiful and of better quality what I don't see is any real reduction in the production of meat as a food source. We even have the addition of quality organic meats, available at your local farmer's market. So becoming vegetarian to save animals appears to be pointless.
Regardless, I respect your decision to choose a healthier lifestyle and become vegetarian and I would never try to deter you on you chosen course.

Now let's see what shall I have for lunch? Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Pork chops, Baby back ribs, Medium rare BBQ'd steak, Hamburgers, Big beef ribs, Roast beef, Ginger beef, Sezchuan Beef, Beef Jerky, Roast Chicken, Fried chicken, Sauteed chicken breasts, Chicken salad sandwich, Popcorn chicken, Roast Turkey, Deep fried Turkey, Turkey salad sandwiches, Hot dogs, Beef dogs, Chicken dogs, Turkey dogs, Turkey pepperoni sticks, Pepperoni, Pepperoni Pizza, Ham and Pineapple pizza, etc, etc.

I'm a BAD BOY. ;-)

Mark said...

Hey Dude! What's the name of the Vague Diva song you played?

Scarborough Dude said...

I don't know Mark - but maybe you can find the answer here:

Scarborough Dude said...

Richard, I think the vegetarians and their ilk are a movement, and only when enough people decide for one reason or another to join will there begin to be a noticeable drop in meat production. But powerful forces are aligned against this happening - just as our cars are designed to run on petroleum rather than some alternative energy source which could easily be found if it were encouraged.

And thank you for commenting eh...

Chris said...

Great podcast. Really enjoyed it. Glad to see we share the same views when it comes to anarchists, gangs and people who hurt others.

karmicangel said...

I'm with you Dude, but I feel like there is something missing from your podcast... hope! I want to hear a little hope in your voice that I remember so well from our PAB days! Hope you are well otherwise!