Monday, February 08, 2010

DicksnJanes #233: pissnchips

The Scarborough Dude mistakenly thought he had a chip on his shoulder.

Cotton Fields - The Highwaymen - The Folk Hits Collection
Leaf House - Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
Effing Canadian - Stevie Z.


Dave Delaney said...

I can't always hear every episode, but I do my best to Dude.

Keep up the wonderful stuff! It's always a pleasure.


Etiquette Bitch said...

hey, scarboroughdude...always keep going. love your stories. i know how much the encouragement/comments from strangers mean. EB almost died a year ago until I got a comment from someone in India...she's awesome. So are you. fwiw, "pissnchips" made me feel so not alone...I worry about the "making a living" thing, too.
truth, though? i seriously could've done without the piss-in-the-toilet picture. [me wincing.]
happy birthday to your wife. cheers!

Scarborough Dude said...

Ya, the pissy toilet is a tad offensive, but it's there for a reason. The image kinda goes with my rambling reference to wanting a 'golden throne'.

I'm also expecting a few new 'I'll check it out' type listeners after Podcamp Toronto, and I thought the picture might help to keep them away, the way Norm Augustinus uses fuck at the start of his show to scare off the wrong kind of listener.

Now people like you, Etiquette Bitch, I like having around - thank you. Next time I'll flush

A New Day... said...

I agree about the toilet with the piss in it. haha. I don't comment here enough even though I am a dedicated listener and I know all about how podcasters feel about that.

I understand your rant at the beginning entirely. It sounds like you have a full plate and it is getting you bummed a bit which, for whatever reason when we find ourselves there we take aim at our lives and what it is we are doing with it.

I can remember when you wanted that teaching position badly and now you have it. Most of us would rather be doing something we have more passion for but doing whatever that is doesn't seem to pay enough or is too far a reach to make it happen and still survive. The trick (I think) is to to do whatever it takes and have other things on the side that make you happy.

You know I think your podcast is the best out there and it makes me smile and laugh every time I hear it. And, you enjoy doing it. You do have many things on the go and you are a very busy man. And because you are we the listener get to enjoy all your stories.

It is healthy (I believe) to find yourself in those moments where you get fed up with things, let it all out so that later you realize how good you have it. That might come from us telling you, or you parked in your car on a Sunday, that time you take for yourself thinking about your week that has passed, or the one that's ahead.

When I am like that, it is you that helps me get back on track in my life and for that I will always thank you. There have been so many times during the Dicks n Janes show that I have laughed out loud all by myself and thought, "God I'm glad this show exists." Keep it up always Dude....

Etiquette Bitch said...

sd- oh my god i laughed so hard just now. i'm in the middle of some work, and, well, pulling up your page and seeing "etiquetted" just floored me.

you're hilarious. yes, i got the piss in the toilet reference. i like the idea of starting with something like "fuck" to keep the wrong type of listener (christian? tea partier?) away.

Unknown said...

did you get her flowers and chocolates?

i bet you fucking didn't.

did you blow the bday and vday?

you prick.

somehow i still love you.

Scarborough Dude said...

The answer to those questions Tim you'll find in the next episode- which you're on, by the way.