Thursday, December 24, 2009

DicksnJanes #228: happeeholidaze

Testing the new Christmas present. (the camera, stupid - not the hat!)

A happy Scarborough Dude gears up for the holiday season.

Music: Sleeve's Christmas Song
Year: 1958


Unknown said...

Still listening. Not done yet. And you know how much I love you and your show.

But you're killing me.

Get your head out of your ass and buy your wife a present. You did this last year as well. She got you a nice coat and you bitched about it and you didn't get her a damned thing. No excuse. None.

Come on dude! I'm going to kick your ass when I see you at PAB.


Dave said...

I am commenting. Why? Because I am also a comment whore. Happy Christmas to you, Dude. About gifts for the wife. I always had great luck with shoes. But who knows what shoes women like? So that always led me to gift cards. Gift cards for shoes. Perfect. Wrap it in a massive box. Guess it's too late, eh? Ah well the thought was there.


Scarborough Dude said...

Yikes! When guys like you two tell me I'm a jerk, it's time to listen up! Full report in the next episode, boys!

Junior said...

Delurking long enough to (a) leave a comment as instructed and (b) share your pain re Christmas gifts. I stress out about them every year...

Steve Harris said...

Happy Holidays, Scarborough Dude! I enjoyed listening to the show, as I polished off the last of my Christmas egg nog. Hope to see you around in the New Year.

Richard Bunky Bell said...

A little more information on the "Oh, What a Feeling" collection,
is a 3 volume set of 4 CDs each.
The first Vol was released in 1996.
the 2nd Vol was released in 2000 and
the 3rd Vol was released in 2006.
It's a very good near comprehensive collection of the best of Canadian pop music covering 5 decades. The wiki address is
The collection is available at

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks for the info re the "Oh, What a Feeling" collection Bunky - so glad I found it! Some great stuff there, much of which I wasn't familiar with. Other comments always welcome too - like your IOC rant!