Sunday, July 26, 2009

DicksnJanes #208: oldhabits

The Scarborough Dude holds can’t seem to break old habits.

Personal Jesus - Richard Cheese - Silent Nightclub
Young Love - Sonny James - Magic Hits of the 1950s
(Special thanks to John Meadows for the DicksnJanes theme song!)


katherine said...

I think sometimes *we* perceive the podcast as being boring or turning in circles, and it's maybe a reflection of whatever's going on with *us* at that given moment -- but I'm not sure the listeners see that.

That said -- I know it's hard for me to work on the next episode if I'm feeling uninspired or boring, and I do worry that what I project is that boredom. Hmm. Boredom is not the right word -- maybe concern that I've said all I have to say and don't have much else to offer.

As one of *your* listeners, I can tell you that I'm still pretty engaged every week, no matter what you're feeling when you record.

Unknown said...

Great show, Dude!

I really liked the music you chose, and how you weaved it through the episode; it really worked.

HF said...

For someone who has been a drinking buddy for four decades, you sounded pretty hammered when you left the Only

Scarborough Dude said...

Dear HF - Yes, guilty as charged, although I think the demon weed on top of the beer was what took me over the line. I was surprised myself when I listened back to he clip, but in keeping with the open honesty policy of DicksnJanes, the 'pretty hammered' fragment had to be included. Cheers!