Monday, June 29, 2009

DicksnJanes #204: tripclipstwo

The Scarborough Dude shars a few more thoughts & clips from his cross Canada trip.

Gathu Mawula - Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Gurrumul

Check these out:
our bison adventure:
and the lamborghini vs honda trip:


Ryan Closs said...

Hey Dude, problem with the iTunes feed for this one. Not entirely sure what's up this time.

Scarborough Dude said...

Hope it's working now- did for me, but pulled 20 older shows off iTunes anyway, just in case. All available at:

MMD said...


yes there were a few scrapped podcasts and more scrapped podcasts to come! On the other hand as soon as any of them actually pan out you'll be the first one to know

katherine said...

I'm still not sure I agree with you on the MJ thing, but you set out the point well, enough to make me think about it.

I will confess that the troubling stuff about MJ completely overshadows everything else for me, and although I'm trying to be sympathetic, it's hard.

Ultimately, I think what I object to is this seemingly sudden view of MJ as some kind of god, and what I see as a completely overwrought and perhaps overblown response to his death. It makes it hard for me to look at his accomplishments (and I know they exist) objectively.

But maybe that takes time. And getting the endless weeping and speculation off the front page of my local paper when there are more pressing things to be dealt with.

On a completely different topic: do you find any irony in the fact that someone who is supposed to be your friend is acting as though you *purposely* set out to thwart him? And not that, maybe, you just screwed up but it wasn't intentional, because, as you said, friends don't set out to intentionally hurt one another?

Just got me thinking...