Saturday, March 28, 2009

DicksnJanes #193: notfunny

The Scarborough Dude apparently has no ense of humour.

Wonderful! Wonderful! - Johnny Mathis - Magic Hits of the 1950s

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Anonymous said...

Nitrogen in tires? the straight dope.

Scarborough Dude said...

Wow! Thanks for the link to the Straight Dope article, whoever sent it in. I feel like a real idiot for paying what I did to have mine done, and had I read this article first, I would not have gone ahead with it. Hmmmm, maybe I should send this to the dealer who talked me into it. OTOH, it's water under the bridge now so no point in me dwelling on mistakes that can't be undone, and as far as the big picture goes, it really doesn't matter a whole lot one way or another. But I do appreciate the comment, and will mention it on my next show for those who listen but don't read.

The Deranged Moose said...

that was me, Dude. I wasn't logged in at the time that I sent the comment.

The Deranged Moose said...

By the way, you were spot on with your assessment of the situation with regard to the poem about "ragheads" or whatever. Pure ignorance and NOT funny.

Scarborough Dude said...

I should have said it at the time, Mr. Moose, but my first guess when I saw the nitrogen comment, was you! I figured you'd have that kind of practical insight - or at least know where to look. You've also been on my mind lately as I've just finished an interview, or part 1, with my old friend the Barstool Buddha, and that of course brought back all our old tales of the Yukon.

As for the so called poem, thanks for the reassurance - odd to me how some people think I should just lighten up about things like that, like there's no harm, but beneath the surface, there's either hatred or fear, and on the surface, just plain ignorance.

MMD said...

Actually as someone that can be mistaken for "raghead" I found it funny. But I have a very perverted sense of humor (I find lots of things funny that I shouldn't).

That being said I find in today's day and age racists organizations like the Aryan Brotherhood and all those that espouse "the supremacy of the Aryan race" completely stupid since I am almost 100% certain I have more Aryan blood then any of their members (the Aryans went down to india).

That being said in this age of political correctness I don't understand why they won't let me join them. I clearly meet the Aryan blood requirement. I'd pay my membership dues... I'd even go to the meetings... this is pure discrimination. Where are my human rights.

Actually I had a sociology professor who did a study on Canadian white supremacy groups... his research was very interesting to say the least.

Scarborough Dude said...

But you see I don't think the white supremacy groups are the real problem. They are easy to identify, expose, challenge, fight. The problem is the people who are racist and don't know it - and I don't just bloody well mean white people - others groups are just as prejudiced if not even moreso. It's quite commonplace, I think, although people usually try to keep it to themselves. As Canadians, we need to mix more, but how? It can't be legislated.

But with regards to the offending 'poem', what bothered me most was the message at the bottom to spread this to other 'Canadians', as if to suggest 'Canadians' would agree.

MMD said...

No that comment about the white supremacy group was meant to taken in a sarcastic fashion. But you are right about one thing. Minorities are just as probably more so racist towards other minorities and white people. And its even worse if its your own group (which makes me wonder why we live in ghettos). Every time I go to the local chinese mall they make all efforts to let me know without telling me they don't want me there (but they want my money). Pacific mall was that way in the 90's (not so much now)