Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DicksnJanes #183: changes

(Bryon & Mauren in Nigeria)
The Scarborough Dude goes missing after Ken gets a phone call.

Reggaejunkiejew - Ween - Pure Guava
Tonite Will Be Fine - Mr. David Viner - Mojo Presents Cohen Covered


Anonymous said...

Can't get the thing to it set up the same way as the other podcasts?
Cheers -
rob (aka Singapore Sam)

Scarborough Dude said...

Sorry Rob - had problems with blogger last night- worked okay for those subscribed in iTunes, but link was missing here. Nice to know you still care!!

Anonymous said...

I've been away from podcasts for awhile, dropped in for a bit on this one, congratulations are in order, great news, fascinating how things work out, congratulations, all the best, all good vibes coming your way, hang in there on changes.