Sunday, September 28, 2008

DicksnJanes #168: playitbkwrds

The Scarborough Dude cheats at karma and remembers his old Dinky toys.

Alone Again Or - Calexico - Convict Pool
Karma Police - Radiohead - OK Computer


Anonymous said...


The feed at is f*cked, can't get the latest episode from iTunes.

Not only is it broken, but it stops at #125, if you look at what's in the feed.


Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks Rob - I just stripped out podcasts 100 to 150 & hope that helps. Will put the earlier shows back on at (search for DicksnJanes). Sorry for the mismanagement- I need a team behind me!

Ryan Closs said...

Nope dude, it's still wonky it seems.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thank Ryna- I've made a few changes, and now get this: "This is a valid RSS feed." There are still several iTunes non-compliant errors, but I need help to fix these. I HOPE the latest shows are downloadable now.

Ryan Closs said...

Now we're cookin

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

Just caught your latest podcast. Enjoyed your segment on Akoha and I want to give you a 'karmic confessional' pass.

The points on Akoha are meant to help create a sense of play around doing cool acts of kindness. It's not meant to track your actual karma in life :)

The two examples you pointed out (Beer bought for a friend, Giving a book to a friend) are both valid missions and even if you did them without the cards you can go play the mission via email. That's the reason they feature is there - so that if you do a mission without the cards you can send someone a virtual version of the mission card.

If that person confirms that you actually did the deed, they then have the opportunity to play it forward.

You seem to have thought you were engaged in cheating the system, but you actually were playing it the way we like.

We are still in beta and looking for good feedback. Hope you don't beat yourself up about 'cheating at karma'. I'm sure Laurent & Bob appreciated the beer & books you gave them and would be happy to pay the missions forward.

Aside from the focus on the points, capturing these moments of kindness between friends and seeing them propogate through the world will hopefully be fun enough.

Hopefully the other mission cards will entertain you and you'll have time to keep with the beta.


-Austin Hill (Akoha)

Anonymous said...


Not through your latest yet but I was just sitting here, drinking a beer, and cracking up as you cracked up about the CBC guy's transition from the bullet fragments to the 700 billion dollar bail out. I was dying laughing as you were dying laughing.

The Hollywood Podcast

Scarborough Dude said...

Hey Tim - first I gotta thank you, and Dave, for that opening. I loved the comment about 9.5 of 10 friends thinking you're crazy for listening to DicksnJanes - I take that as a big compliment!! Great to know you're out there tuning in - thank you!

MMD said...

Where was the intro recorded PAB? Podcamp Montreal?

Scarborough Dude said...

MMD - If you mean the intro when Dave Brodbeck and Tim Coyne ( are talking, that was a Skype call for Dave's podcast, Thunderbird Six ( Both are paid a small retainer to promote my show.

MMD said...

Ahhh I see.

I'm wondering what your take is on this idea I got from your show. Do you think the reason why there are people who are socially maladjusted (i.e people who have trouble with touching, people, things, etc) and live the Otaku or Hikamori (or people who become "home hermits") lifestyle is partially because people lack tactile sensation growing up? For example kids growing up interacting with computers and tv rather then toys.