Sunday, July 20, 2008

DicksnJanes #160: downsville

The Scarborough Dude gets bummed out, but can't help coming back for more...

Alone Again Or - Love - Forever Changes
Lazy Morning - Gordon Lightfoot - Old Dan's Records
Queensland Drover - Traditional - Essential Aussie Songs
El Paso - Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs


Anonymous said...

Hey Scarborough dude! My name is Kenneth an 18 year old living in Georgia, USA, and I have been listening to your podcast for about two months now religiously. I heard about you from the Kobe Beef show and was intrigued by Terence's description of your accounts in your "Japan Podcasts" I am very interested in Japan and the Japanese language so I decided to give you a try and was hooked almost immediately. Currently I am listening to your archived episode (right now on episode 54) and listen to the new episodes as they come out. I had originally wanted to not comment or give any kind of feed back until I had caught up with all the Podcasts so that I could feel like I really knew you and what I would want to say, but if there is one thing that has really been stressed in your Podcasts it is to "be here now" and not to hesitate and not to take time for granted because for all I or anyone else knows there might not be a later and then I would have wasted the only time I really had in the present. Anyway now that the introduction is out of the way I wanted to say how thankful I am to you and how much your podcast has meant to me in these past months. I listen mostly to your shows on nightly bike rides that I take and love the content of the show. I often find myself laughing out loud alone on empty streets with you after certain stories you tell. Most recently the story about going down the stairs at your work and farting all the way down, finally turning after a feeling of uneasiness to see someone looking at you. Times like those where I laugh by myself (although seemingly with you) I feel a connection between you and how you have said that you are talking to yourself until you post each podcast. Anyway I don't want to write too much more or this will start to become a book, but please continue to make Podcasts and know that I am gratefully listening.
Thanks again, Kenneth.

Scarborough Dude said...

Kenneth, you can't imagine how wonderful it is for a podcaster to get a comment like the one you just posted! Thank you so much! It thrills me no end to know that someone so far away, and of a generation so far from my own - at least in time, but perhaps not in spirit - is listening, and enjoying my rambles. I haven't had any comments for a while - yours came in at a very good time for me! Much appreciated!!

ChickieVickie said...

OK Yes I have blogged in only once or twice maybe over the last two and a half years or so. But I really didn't think I had any real thing to say. Still don't. Except for "Thank You Very Much"! I did want to remind you that I am still here and listening all the time. Do you hear me...All the Time. You are that crazed Canadian Guy with attitude. Yes you do tend to whine a lot, but what Man doesn't? I must love it cause I never miss a download. Hell I tend to listen sometimes twice. I just wanted to say that over the years it has been You who I have turn to for all my favorite podcast people. And Boy have I enjoyed them all. We have another thing in common also, we have tons of the same music...most of mine are still on vinyl. I'm a California Girl who loves her horses and dogs. And I just want to remind you that there are tons of us out there listening even when you say you really don't give a shit! We really do care. And my vote is for the "New" Apple I Pod! (I love the toys too). Vickie

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Dude.

There's enough love inside the Dude to spread around to family, friends, and yes, people like me out here in the podosphere.

The Hollywood Podcast

Anonymous said...

Keep that chin up, and iRiver switched on dude.