Tuesday, January 01, 2008

DicksnJanes #132: fondlybonding

The Scarborough Dude natters on about twitter, hugs and other inconsequential matters.

Dear Landlord - Bob Dylan - Biograph [BOX SET] (Disc 2)
Sometimes When I Get To Thinkin' - Buffy Sainte-Marie - The Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie
Cosmic Wheels - Donovan - Super Hits

Hey, be sure check our Earideas eh! I found 10 great new podcasts here.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about twitter. Cool about your work at the group home. I also feel blue around these days...I was cleaning my office too...It's a good tradition to clean around this time. I really like it. I cleaned piles of papers we had...and dark corners of our kitchen. I have learned to leave my husband's offices alone...It is sooooo messy...but I leave him alone with that mess. It's his mess not mine! (He tolerates me for not loading the dishwasher right away, I don't like loading it right away...I do it when I want...So he tolerates me and I tolerate him.) Ya....60....definitely an epaulette on your sleeve. I like to listen to you from time to time. Yours is the only podcast I listen to somewhat regularly...I am a part time listener. You are funny when you say "fuck you!" Happy New Year gimpy knees...love you dude!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude! Just wanted to let you know that you are a fabulous individual. Just listening to this last podcast and what you had to say about superficial "networking" and needing depth in our relationships is bang on. I think people have too many acquaintances and not enough companions. You made me very grateful for those in my life whom I cherish.

I am not a new listener, I've been listening since May (in particular, your Japan episodes made me teary eyed from time-to-time, I lived there for about a year and lived not too far from Yokohama!) and I just thought I would thank you for the depth as well as fun in your podcasts.

I'd hug you if I could!


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

Dude, trust me, you *always* deliver.

It's interesting hearing your thoughts about Twitter. I've been thinking about giving it a trial period myself, and the reason I hesitate is that although I can see *some* useful things it could do, I've got the distinct impression that 90% of it is blow-by-blow accounts of what others are up to, which doesn't thrill me much.

Mitch Joel said...

Imagine my surprise.

I was having lunch with Hugh McGuire and Julien Smith when you came up. I remembered you from Podcasters Across Borders and was upset because I had not listened to your Podcast yet.

I subscribed, started listening and then I'm hearing you mention my name... that's some weird stuff.

Anyhow, I'm a big time hugger, so feel free next time we connect in person.

I'm listening and subscribed now.

Thanks for sharing. I think we all appreciate it.

MFJ ;)