Friday, July 13, 2007

DicksnJanes #111: Histrionics

The Scarborough Dude scolds his listeners for not taking more of an interest in Canadian history. So who cares eh?

There Is A War - Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen Live In Concert

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MMD said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with you Dude. It's not that we no longer care about Canadian History but it's a byproduct of the internet age. Think about it. Our news media and information in general is based on being current, relevant (how does it relate to me attitude) and breaking news updates. Just think about how the advances in the speed of news has affected our absorption of it. When don't have an appreciation of anything that isn't relevant to the present/ future anymore (history included).

Or another view point if you look at the work from Chomsky and Herman (Manufactured Consent). We are conditioned by the news media conglomerates to be concerned with the trivial to filter out important news (history included). They have several filters/ techniques to prevent important news from reaching the masses (or at least present it in such a way that we don't pay attention).

As for the missile crisis check out the movie Fog of War, McNamara talk about a very dangerous alternative to what happened. He said that Castro had planned on JFK attacking and sacrificing Cuba to take put the USA (Castro said they had over 100 nuclear warheads including 90 tactical warheads on Cuba during the height of the crisis).

Dave Brodbeck said...

History is not taught much any more, or the history that is taught is the irrelevant. Oddly enough, this was brought about by post modern 'thinkers' like Chomsky and their ilk. Granatstien's "Who Killed Canadian History' is a nice read on the subject.

(I am aware of CHomsky's linguistic work BTW, as a political thinker he makes a great linguist).

Great episode as always Dude.