Sunday, January 07, 2007

DicksnJanes #83: Sensitivity

The Scarborough Dude makes a clumsy attempt at exploring sensitivity, and ends up insulting the French, the Jews, the Italians and even the Scots!

Gambling Bar Room Blues - Jimmie Rodgers - The Best Of Jimmie Rodgers
I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Chiefs - Single
40,000 Headmen - Traffic - Traffic Gold

Special thanks to Julien at In Over Your Head


Dry Shave said...

Pee Camp. That's all I wanted to say. Too funny.


I'm off to make Ross a ham now and a sculpture out of chocolate of the little baby Jesus. Jews really go for that kind of thing ;)

Anonymous said...

Dude - Most of the time I’ve got a lot of beliefs and thoughts swimming around inside my head. Socialization and good conversation have forever been the best vehicle to haul them out in the open where I can get a good look at them and maybe by chance learn something about myself. Since I don’t socialize and converse as often as I’d like, podcasts, like yours in particular, seem to be the next best thing.
I'm out here in New Jersey listening to your show. I think I've been listening since about show 70 or so. Really enjoy hearing your perspective.
Aside from the rant at the end of show 83 my favorite line has been: “The system is designed to grind you down, every once in while you’ve got to do a sneak attack.” (I think I got that quote right) That’s something I deem a truism and if I recall I drank beer and grilled steaks shortly after hearing you say it.

Thanks for taking the time Dude --


Scarborough Dude said...

George, I don't know what prompted you to write that comment, but I gotta tell you it is very much appreciated! Only moments ago, while taking a leak and reflecting on my life today, I questioned once again my reasons for doing this, thinking maybe I should make a bold decision and simply stop, just to see what fills the vacuum. But obervations like yours reassure me there may be some value in what I'm doing, aside from just letting me mouth off. Thank you! Stay tuned....