Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dicks & Janes Podcast #14 - Life & Death

This also from June 2005 - it was a lousy episode then, still is now. The original post read:

"If you're a first time listener, skip this dud and go back a few. For the faithful few, this was a bit constipated, but thanks for keeping me awake on the drive back from Sandbanks to Toronto. A few more unpleasant stories on life and death, but what the hell, ya can't win 'em all..."

North To Alaska - Johnny Horton


Anonymous said...

Oh, my inaugural NANO -listening podcast was DicksnJanes: #14. Very scary stuff. You really did sound like you were falling asleep (and those poor baby mice!) At one point you did sound like you were so close to drifting off ... and then "bang." You must have hit the mike, or something, but it gave me a bit of a jump.

Scarborough Dude said...

Thanks for listening to the old stuff Wizzie - and ya, I was actually dozing off at the wheel- very scary! Nothing like teling a few stories though to stay awake and arrive alive.

Hey - anyone else oput there listening to the oldies? I'll stop posting them in September, and get on with some new stuff...