Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dicks & Janes Podcast #48 - The Joker

The Podcast that didn't want to be. The Joker in the pack. Special thanks to Arthur Masters for use of his brain.

Various songs - Various artists - Singing In The Saddle
One of Us Is Dead - The Earlies - This Is Music (Uncut Oct. 2004)
When It's Springtime In Alaska - Johnny Horton - Battle Of New Orleans
John Wesley Harding - Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding (background)
Words of Advice - William Burroughs - Spare Ass Annie

  • The Ottawa Local Podcast

    Anonymous said...

    Bwah Ha Ha Ha Ha, LOL. Scarborough Dude - You can use my brain anytime - I'm only using 5-10%. Please excuse the faulty bits; I already did some re-wiring that invalidated the warantee.

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Hey Arthur! Your contribution for this show was much appreciated - I really liked the description of the podcast speaking/listening process - and especially liked your Burroughs contribution - nothing could have better fit that hole!

    Anonymous said...

    Okay - I'd say the only bad parts of this episode were the ones where you were warning us all just how bad it was or was about to be. Quite enjoyable as usual. A few thoughts:

    - I gave up recently on discovering the "real me" and have concluded that the real me is a mashup of all of the ones I thought I had to choose from. And like in the song Suicidewinder the part that is currently active is just a distorted reflection of what's in front of me. "I'm Johnny Cash when I'm drinkin', I'm the Clash when I'm thinkin’ I'm Mad Max when I'm drivin', I'm Mike Diamond when I'm rhymin' I'm Humphrey Bogart when I'm smokin', I'm Bob Marley when I'm tokin And in bed when I'm dreamin’ I'm a guitar slingin' demon."

    As for your concern about having a different than standard "retirement" because of having lived an interesting early life. I offer my mother-in-law, Kite's, quote as to her retirement plan: "I plan to be a charming person that people want to spend time with." I'm sort of following that one myself but that's a long story better suited for a journal entry than blathering anymore in your comments...

    Anonymous said...

    I'm with Todd on both (3?) points. The trouble is when people fixate on a single facet or role.

    meagrebones said...

    Just caught up with the latest show Dude. Another good one. I discovered the "real me" once, boy did I have to get that guy back into the box quickly, what a dickhead! Now I just have my vague, non-specific hippy ideals which have been coated with a layer of cynicism. Yeah sure, the world could change for the better, but it's not going to.
    I'm beginning to loathe the shiny, slick people who deal in certainties, so to hear somebody like you that peers into the cracks is refreshing and welcome.

    Scarborough Dude said...

    Man, Mr. Meagre Bones - you put that so well! And Todd - I love that song! And now that I've got all my old oomph back, be prepared for another noisy rant!!