Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dicks & Janes Podcast #31- Be kind, but kill if you have to

Scarborough Dude still yammering away - borrows Daves Slushers 'Shared Fate Individuality' theme but doesn't know what to do with it, gets kinda antsy, but what the hell, have another beer eh!

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  • Music:
    Cleaning Windows - Van Morrison - Best Of Van Morrison
    Who's To Say - Blanche With Jack White - Uncut June 2004
    Always - Erasure - I Say I Say I Say
    Days Run Away - The House Of Love - Uncut Presents: New Music for 2005


    Anonymous said...

    Another entertaining podcast. "The Day the Ants Invented My Shower" ... at the end of the war you said, "Well, you know where I'm coming from." I could imagine people laughing at that remark, and saying, "Actually, no ... I've never had to deal with that situation." Very good, very descriptive. I could see the bloody things crawling while you talked. I always find a certain sideways humour in your broadcasts ... a zen laugh? You have that sense of being serious, and then discovering the ridiculousness lying underneath.

    Mark Forman said...

    Good musical choices-not easy to get an e-mail out of Dave, huh? Glad you got your head around the matter and continued listening. We just have to accept that he's not a good e-mail buddy, just a great podcaster and fascinating guy.