Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dicks & Janes Podcast #22

Ya, more of the same old shit - this crazy Scarborough Dude ranting on about everything from the birth of the universe to
Canadian history, and then some! Try this, and the go back for more eh! Seriously, try some earlier ones - if you don't, who will eh?

Fujiyama Mama - Wanda Jackson - Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security
Another Lost Summer - Blanche - Uncut Best Of 2004 - New Albums
'Till Good Luck Comes My Way - Ensemble - Show Boat - 1994 Broadway Revival
Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb - Lowell Blanchard and the Valley Trio - Atomic Platters
The Best Way To Travel - The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord

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Scarborough Dude said...

Oh ya, forgot to mention - many thanks to my old CUSO buddy the Wizard for once again supplying tunes for the show this week - the Atomic Platters songs, which fit nicely eh... And one of these days you'll even hear other people's voices on the show.