Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dicks&Janes Podcast#9

Well you get what you pay for eh! Shitty sound quality, but hey, for you it's a free trip to Japan, so join the Scarborough Dude as he tries to figure out why he's there...

Sorry, no music, for this or the next one either... Ya wanna complain? Leave a comment...

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Anonymous said...

Are you who you think you are, or who other people think you are, or neither 100%, but a bit of both?

Also , re relationships, is a couple the couple that others see or is it just who the two are when not in the company of others? This last I heard asked in an interview of a Canadian female novelist, because her novel involved this aspect of relationships. I remember that she said she thought a couple is who others see them as, to some large degree. I remember being surprised that she thought that.

You've been talking about who people really are in this fun plane trip podcast & in recent podcasts.

I guess enlightenment can be anywhere and everywhere.