Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dicks&janes Podcast#5

Holy shit!! Already up to FIVE now! Unfortunately, as of yet, no one's heard any of them except me, but hey, the day is coming, so stay tuned. This one features more half drunken ramblings from a lazy self-indulgent man still happily trying to figure out who he is, was and will be, held together with more great songs you'd never guess were coming, unless you read the notes below.

Audrey's Dance - Twin Peaks soundtrack (background)
Mile End - Pulp - Trainspotting soundtrack
Can't Help Lovin Dat Man - Showboat soundtrack
3 Days in May - Blue Rodeo - O Canada
Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (background)
Crying Song - Pink Floyd - More soundtrack
Walking in Space - Hair soundtrack


Anonymous said...

I loved it. Your voice is so clear, just like being there in person. And the music sounds so real. A professional job, Scarboro Dude.

Anonymous said...

steaming pile of turds...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm downloading your shows in order so I can listen from the beginning and the link to episode #5 seems to be messed up.

Scarborough Dude said...

Ya, sorry Paige- I've taken down all the old shows, and am putting them back up, a week at a time, as I have space. #5 will be out next Wednesday or Thursday... Sorry